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Have you ever wondered what exactly "natural" means when it comes to deodorants? How do natural deodorants work, and are they better than regular antiperspirants? You're not the only one! These questions have crossed our minds at least once or twice in recent years, especially with Australia's growing popularity of natural cosmetic products.

If you are curious about the natural deodorant world, we're here to share all the juicy details and answer your questions.

How Do Natural Deodorants Work?

Let's define what natural means and how they shape our products. 

When we talk about "natural," we mean ingredients that come straight from nature, like plants, minerals, and other natural sources - with minimal changes made to them. Natural ingredients are gentle on the skin and less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions than heavily processed ingredients. 

Natural deodorants are here to support you in taking care of body odor without interfering with the body's natural sweating and toxin-release process. They are made with plant-based ingredients, natural fragrances, and essential oils that perfectly harmonize with your body. For example, natural deodorants take a different approach - instead of blocking sweat, as an antiperspirant would do. They allow your body to function and breathe naturally, keeping your underarms happy and fresh.

Psst! Since we're picky about what goes into our products, we prioritize using certified organic ingredients whenever possible. It's our way of ensuring that the ingredients we select are pure and authentic, giving you a fresh and safe experience using our toxic-free deodorants.

Are Natural Deodorants Better For You?

First of all, they are better for the environment ✨  

Unlike many antiperspirants in plastic containers, which add to waste and pollution, natural deodorants often use eco-friendly packaging. They may come in recyclable or biodegradable materials, which help reduce their environmental impact. 

To put it in perspective, the antiperspirant industry produces over 15 million pounds of plastic waste yearly. That's enough plastic to fill over 200 Boeing 747 airplanes - yikes!

Now, there's a big debate going on about whether antiperspirants can be harmful to our health or not. Some people argue that the aluminum used in antiperspirants can clog sweat glands and disrupt our natural sweating process (they do). Others worry about the absorption of these chemicals through the skin and their long-term effects on our bodies. 

It's important to know that the scientific community has not reached a clear conclusion. More research is needed to provide an official statement on whether certain health risks like - Breast Cancer, Hormonal Disruptions, and Alzheimer's - are directly linked to the use of antiperspirants.

We do know that antiperspirants contain ingredients that are simply better to avoid (we had to say it). Many of these ingredients, such as parabens, certain phthalates - triclosan, triethanolamine (TEA), diethanolamine (DEA) - butane, and isobutane, have raised concerns due to their potential risks.

In fact, these ingredients have been completely banned in the European Union because they're considered dangerous to our health. The EU took this action to be cautious and protect people from any health risks.

This is a clear signal that we need to be careful and think twice about the ingredients used in antiperspirants, isn’t it? Considering all of these factors, it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow and question ourselves if there are alternative options.

The good news is that there are alternatives - us!

Our natural deodorants are crafted with plant-based and toxic-free ingredients. You won't find any hidden nasties or questionable chemicals you can’t even pronounce added. You can trust what you see on the label is exactly what you get - pure, straightforward ingredients. 

Let's take a look at the natural ingredients found in our Organic Deodorant Cream - Sandalwood:

    • Shea Butter: An ingredient derived from Karité trees that brings a lot of goodness to your underarm skincare routine. Applying Shea Butter nourishes and hydrates your skin, helping it retain moisture. It's rich in vitamins and fatty acids, which work wonders for your skin.
    • Sunflower Oil: This oil is lightweight and non-greasy, absorbing quickly into your skin and providing deep hydration. Say goodbye to dry underarm skin! The high vitamin E content in Sunflower Oil works perfectly in keeping your underarm skin healthy and hydrated.
    • Coconut Oil: Is there anything you can't do? This ingredient plays multiple roles in natural deodorants. It moisturizes and nourishes your underarms, leaving your skin in top shape. Its antibacterial properties also come to the rescue. 
    • Candelilla Wax: Let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible benefits of this ingredient in our deodorant formula. This wax, which comes from the candelilla bush leaves, provides a solid and long-lasting texture to the deodorant. It's the secret behind our product's durability, smoothness, and effectiveness.
    • Tea Tree, Essential Oil Blend of Rosemary, and Eucalyptus: These three powerful ingredients effectively combat bacteria on the skin, ensuring your underarms stay fresh and clean throughout the day. They offer excellent protection while adding a refreshing touch to your deodorant, giving you that extra boost of goodness. 
    • Tapioca Starch: Don't let underarm moisture ruin your day. Tapioca Starch, derived from the Cassava plant, is the moisture-absorbing hero of our deodorant. This natural ingredient keeps your underarms dry and comfortable throughout the day. It also adds a silky texture to your deodorant, making it sweat-free.
    • Sodium Bicarb: You may already be familiar with Sodium Bicarb, also known as baking soda. It's a superstar ingredient that plays a huge role in natural deodorants. It can neutralize any unpleasant smells that may arise.
    • Australian Kaolin Clay: Straight from the beautiful lands of Australia. This unique ingredient gently absorbs moisture, controls sweat, and refreshes your underarms. Its purifying benefits also work magic, detoxifying your skin and leaving it fresh and hydrated. 

Who doesn’t want all of these natural goodies on their body? Because we do.

Keep in mind that switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant may involve a short adaption period. Your body might need some time to cleanse out toxins and adjust to a new aluminum-free formula, especially if you've been using antiperspirants for a long time - since you’re no longer blocking your sweat glands and shrinking your pores with antiperspirant deodorant, your body has to re-learn how to sweat naturally.

How To Choose a Natural Deodorant

  1. Ingredients: The approach to ingredients is simple - if you can't pronounce it, don't include it. Our deodorants are free from aluminum, preservatives, phthalates, and propylene glycerol – yay! We handcraft our deodorants in Australia in small batches every week, making sure you receive a fresh product.

  2. Skin type and needs: Our deodorants are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. If you're all about lovely aromas, we've got you covered. From coconut & lime, sandalwood, and lemon myrtle - more. We want to elevate your natural deodorant experience by keeping you fresh and toxic-free all day.

  3. Application method: We understand that everyone has different preferences when applying deodorant. Our aluminum-free options, including sticks, creams, roll-ons, and sprays, are perfect for all application styles and come in many forms. Feel free to choose one (or even two) that align with your preferences and work well with your skin.

At the end of the day - the decision to switch to natural deodorants is a personal one. 

It's important to remember that what works for one person may not work for another, and that's perfectly okay! We all have unique bodies and preferences. The key is to find a healthy and suitable balance that suits you and your body. 

Our natural deodorants are an excellent choice if you want to rid your body of toxins and embrace a more natural lifestyle - at Noosa Basics, we strive to provide products that help you achieve that balance 🌿

 DISCLAIMER: This content is not intended as medical advice and should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional before acting on any information presented here.


By Denia Fernanda